Who is Mark Cuban and How it All Started

Once in a while, a structured institution followed and revered by society gets rocked by a certain personality who is not afraid to refute the norm. That person will push many people’s buttons and at the same time, create realization for others. Being outspoken, that man will stretch patience, boggle minds, and earn the admiration of many who are not afraid of diversity. In the world of the British Monarchs, that was Princess Diana. In a government with a stream of white politicians, it’s President Obama. In the NBA, that’s Mark Cuban.

In his most recent sensationalized spat with the NBA, he openly criticized officials for marketing bracelets called Power Balance. It is said that these bracelets contribute to a person’s health and thus add to one’s athletic prowess. Cuban says that these claims are bogus and therefore Power Balance should not be endorsed by basketball players.

This is not his first and only spite with the National Basketball Association. He’s been fined numerous times, amounting to $1.66 million. His team was not shy to advise him that he has to control his temper like his players. In a lighter side, Cuban says every time NBA fines him, he matches it with a donation to charity in equal amounts. Mark adds that his unrest is due to league policies that he finds absurd. A perfect example of that is the Power Balance bracelet.

Mark Cuban is a classic rags-to-riches personality. He grew up as a minority in a Jewish working class community. He sold garbage bags to buy expensive basketball shoes. He finished college by doing buy and sell, giving disco lessons, and even made money with a chain letter. He had enough money to buy a drinking hangout while still in college. Learning business the traditional way did him well because now, he owns the Dallas Mavericks Team.

It’s not just the NBA that he challenges. In Nov. 19, he published “What I Really Think About Facebook” in his blog that made a big commotion in the social networking community. Many share the same concern that he has but there were more response that came to the defense of Facebook and its users.

Owning a famous basketball team is not all he does. Cuban owns a number of companies including a cable network company, and a theater chain. He is also the author of the book How to Win at Sport of Business. He seems like the perfect business man with good upbringing and values to reach all this success. But his hot temper, strong-willed and forthright persona can get the better of him.

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