Premiere for “Beautiful Creatures” Moved on Valentine’s Day

The Alcon Entertainment’s “Beautiful Creatures” gets a new release date, now slated on Valentine’s Day. It was originally schedule to hold premieres on February13 but in an effort to capture the V-Day crowd, Warner Bros decided to push the date one day later. The “Beautiful Creatures” will be opening against Escape From Planet Earth, A Good Day To Die Hard, and Safe Haven.

Directed by Richard LaGravenese, who also wrote the screenplay, the “Beautiful Creatures” is an adaptation of the supernatural love story between two star-crossed lovers, Ethan Wate and Lena Duchannes. Set in the fictional Gatlin, South Carolina, the film tells how Ethan, a young man, played by Alden Ehrenreich, tried to escape his small town. And with a mysterious girl Lena, played by Alice Englert, the pair set out on a journey to discover the dark secrets about their respective families and their own history.

Rated PG-13, the film is an adaptation of the New York Times best selling fantasy novel written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Following the “Beautiful Creatures”, Garcia and Stohl also wrote “Beautiful Darkness”, “Beautiful Chaos” and “Beautiful Redemption”.

But “Beautiful Creatures” offer something for anyone who loves films showcasing magic and romance. Ethan fell in love with Lena at the end of the story. But he met her for the first time in his recurring dreams. He knew it the day he almost ran over Lena who was then standing by the road with her broken-down car. As he was approaching Lena to fix her car, stranded by the road, he smelled the scents of lemon and rosemary – – the same, elusive smell in his dreams. The two set on a journey as the story develops only to realize that they really were connected through years of history between their respective towns of Gatlin and Caster, South Carolina.

Other cast members who completed the main characters of the story is “Help”, A-list actress, Viola Davis, who plays Amma, the seer and grandmother of the main character, Ethan. Davis is joined by award-winning and highly acclaimed English actor, Jeremy Irons whom we fall in love with after seeing him in Lolita, Reversal of Fortune, The House of Spirits and Die Hard with a Vengeance, and many more.

Joining Davis and Irons are Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum and Thomas Mann. Erwin Stoff, Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove produced the film. The movie began filming in various locations, including New Orleans, in May 2012.

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