Mitchell Guist: Swamp People has Died

Do you know Mitchell Guist? I am sure you know him. He is a star of the reality TV show Swamp People. He died on Monday in Louisiana. He died when he has aboard on a boat in the Belle River Landing. It is located in the southern part of the state. Finally, he fall out of the boat and drowned in the lake.

 Mitchell Guist

Some people try to rescue Mitchell Guist. Even 911 also come in the lake to give him a rescue. Several minutes later, the rescuers get him into the land. He was sent to the Teche Regional Medical Centre in Morgan City. Only some minutes there, the medical centre’s doctor pronounced that he already dead. He might be dead on his way to the medical centre.

Mitchell Guist has a brother who is in the same reality show also. His name is Glenn. They were born, rise, and live in the same house which is their grandparents’ house. They accustomed to find anything to eat. That is why they love to live in the wildlife and love to conserve anything there.

The news of his died was really make some TV crew sad. They still do not believe that people who used to spend their time together in the wild life has gone. Leave them forever. Farewell to Mitchell Guist.

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