IMO Tablet X3 Review

IMO Mobile EntertainmentEchoes of Android tablet certainly makes novice users really curious to try it. Well, for you who want to feel the sensation of tablets Android platform, but only had a mediocre finances could try IMO Tab X3. Not only the function surf ria, seabreg ability to play multimedia files player, gaming console and ebook reader you would get on a tablet.

Android tablet is not the first product of the IMO Mobile Entertainment, formerly the IMO has issued X7 IMO Tab. By targeting the low end segment, IMO Tab X3 priced at a very cheap, only $ 85. Surely this is a tempting option for you who want to try Android tablet. What the hell wrote the advantages that can be offered Tab X3 IMO this? Here’s the description.

Dimensions: 19.85 x 07.12 x 1.68 cm Weight: grams, almost a plastic material on the entire body of the tablet, the power button on the top left side, volume control on the upper side next to the menu button, on the right side there is a charger port, audio port / headset port USB and microSD slot.

IMO Tab Android tablet like the X3 berdisain other with a rectangular shape. Although the front with black wrapping around the side of the screen, the dominance of the white color gives the impression of sweetness.
The back of the tablet is not rigid but rather ergonomic berdisain so pretty sight let alone grasped. Although cashing plastic but pretty thick and does not impress frail.

Resistive TFT LCD Touch Screen (One-point touch), 800 x 480 pixels (16:9), 7-inch WVGA
Screen size IMO Tab X3 like most tablets that now there is 7 inches. Priced according to the price, it feels appropriate resistive screen. Even so, the screen is quite responsive. IMO Tab X3 has the graphic quality is quite good, although not that special capacitive screen.

MO Tab X3

Chipset Processor 400 MHz WM8650
The tablet is only supported WM8650 chipset processor, high-performance 800MHz +400 MHz DSP CPU and 256 MB memory. Problem features, Tablet Android X3 IMO this is quite minimalist standard alias. Even so, for entertainment purposes only is pretty good anyway. Just look at the camera, audio / video player, and a memory expansion slot with a maximum capacity of 32GB. For additional enjoyment, there are four dimensional G-sensor that allows you to view in vertical or horizontal format.


Android OS, v2.2 (Froyo), a menu button, a panel homescreen
IMO Tab X3 using Froyo aka Android Tablet OS 2.2. Looks fairly standard interfaces without special or additional interfaces and of course this will make it easier for novice users.
These tablets provide a default application with quite a bit of game categories, media and tools. Other facilities are also provided including X3 IMO App Market, YouTube, Fring, Search, WmtWeather, iReader, pro OfficeSuite and much more.


Audio Player, Video Player
Tab X3 IMO very reliable way to play audio files in various formats (MP2, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA).

For video, almost all common formats (MPEG1/2/4, MJPG, H263, H264, MKV, AVI, 3GP with a maximum resolution of 1280 × 720) you can play not only contained the tablets of internal memory but also contained on the memory card .
Even on the test results, you can play the video format files contained on the flash disk via Dingle X3 as well as files contained on the memory card.
The sound quality from internal speakers only mediocre. As a workaround, you can use a headset or earset in order to get better sound quality.

Camera and Video

Cameras (30,000 pixels) and Video Recorder
As a complement addition, the tablet is already providing a camera which can also be used as a video recorder. Of course the quality of this camera is just the standard but at least you can still capture the important moments.
As for the image viewer, files supported are JPG, JPEG, BMP and PNG.
HTML browser,
For surfing, the tablet is relying on a WiFi network connection. Surely surf using the tablet more than mobile phones ensure satisfaction. Internet access other than than WiFi is to use an external modem via a dongle X3.
So to access speeds of course depend on the card is used. Display page in browser can zoom a few times to be able to see more clearly.


WiFi 802.11 b / g, LAN via Dongle X3, X3 Dongle via USB 2.0
To surf, in addition to using WiFi connectivity, IMO Tab X3 can access the Internet using a LAN via 10/100 dongle X3. In addition, by using this dongle connector, we can also connect with the X3 IMO USB stick modem for internet access. Only, the specific type and type of modem.
X3 Dongle can also be used to read the flash disk. So when the capacity is still not the memory card, flash disk can still be used in conjunction with the installation of the memory card. The reading of the contents of the flash disk can also take place automatically when the flash disk is plugged in the dongle X3.

IMO Mobile Entertainment
OfficeSuite Pro, iReader
From the list of applications, which is quite interesting is the presence of office applications such as Pro OfficeSuite and iReader. OfficeSuite Pro can be used for reading the office applications, while iReader an ebook reader application files in different formats like pdf, txt and others. Lastly for customization, you can make changes according to taste.
• Low Prices
• Android Froyo
• Multimedia good
• Bonus 4GB Memory Card
• resistive touch screen
• Without the Bluetooth
• Without a SIM Card slot

The tablet is able to appear with prices that are not public. With seabreg Internet and multimedia features make it a choice or a beginner who just want to feel the pleasure of an Android tablet. Even with the standard specifications, performance is classified as not to disappoint. So PULSE think this tablet is worth having, especially for those who really want to feel the tablets at affordable prices.

1. Screen: 7 inch, WVGA Touchscreen TFT wide-screen (800 × 480 pixels), 16:9;
2. OS: Android 2.2 Froyo;
3. Processor: WM8650, 400 MHz;
4. Camera: There is;
5. Internal Memory: 256MB RAM, 2GB of storage;
6. External Memory: microSD up to 32GB;
7. Connectivity: WiFi 802.11 b / g, data cable;
8. Browser: HTML;
9. Battery: Lithium ion 1450 mAh; Standby: 10 hours; Video player: 3 hours
10. Other Features: Web Video with YouTube Icon, Stereo speakers, audio / video player, e-books, Documents to Go (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, pdf), Gmail, Google Search, App Market, Clock, G-sensor

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