Hillary Clinton’s Global Legacy on Gay Rights

Homosexuality is natural occurrence that has prompted debates around the world, in every religion, race and nation.  For U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, being gay is a right.  It’s the same as being born, having food and shelter, and being able to speak and breathe freely.  In a historic speech that she delivered to the United Nations body, the politician declared her stance on lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) which moved the open-minded society, and was lauded by the gay community.

Her address to the UN Assembly in Geneva on December, 2011 marks a historical event that could change the future of millions of gay people around the world.  She started by reiterating the formulation of the Human Rights in 1948 and its successful implementation by the United Nations.  She stated that LGBT rights should not be a separated from human rights, as it goes against the principle of equality—the very thing that the UN upholds.  Since gay people belong to every community around the world, gay rights must not be implemented as each government discerns, but it must be undertaken in all countries.  She said, “Being gay is a human reality, and that protecting human rights of all people– gay or straight– is not something that only Western governments do.”

After the LGTB speech, analysts believe that Clinton will soon be openly supporting gay marriage in all states.  Clinton was against gay marriage in the 2008 presidential run.  She had a change of heart years later, as apparent in her statements about the New York gay marriage law in 2011.  She is yet to officially convey her position for the same sex marriage which Clinton’s aides have indicated that she will definitely support.

Institutions are shaped by religious beliefs, and the foundations of successful nations are built around morals.  Every so often, after years of practice, societies decide to abolish certain beliefs.  It’s hard to conceive that less than a hundred years ago women were not able to own land, they could not vote, and not even had the right to oppose arranged marriage.  It’s around the same time when black people existed only to serve as slaves.  African-Americans were considered animals and were worked like cows in the fields.  The world has almost completely done away with racism and women discrimination.  It won’t be long for LGBT issues to be resolved, thanks to people like Hillary Clinton.

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