All-American Things You Didn’t Know were German

There are several things that we come across our everyday lives that we’ve always thought to be All-American in nature. But you’ll be surprised to find out that you may have come across many things that you had no idea was German or had their roots in German traditions. It isn’t hard to imagine that the USA and Germany share a lot of similar customs and inventions. After all, roughly 17% of Americans are of German descent. Compiled here are some things that we’ve always thought to be American, but turns out to be German in origin. First on the list is the Christmas tree. The tradition of decorating a tree during Christmas dates back to the 16th century. Although it is documented that trees were erected in present day Estonia and Latvia in the 15th century, it was the Germans who really started the whole decorating tradition. They decorated the tree with wax candles, fruits, and trinkets and the idea eventually began to spread throughout the Christian world, when royal families from neighboring countries got wind of it. Another holiday tradition is the Easter bunny. It first appeared on German writings in the 16th century. In the 1700’s, Pennsylvania Dutch settlers brought the tradition with them to the new world. If there’s an Easter bunny, then there must be an Easter egg hunt. It is believed that the tradition of hiding Easter eggs was first started in Southern Germany. While the legend of the Easter bunny laying eggs in the grass had been around for some time, the Germans decided to go all out and actually have children hunt for the eggs in hard to reach and see places.

Another favorite children treat is the candy Gummi Bears. Many have thought of it as an American product, but the sweet treats were invented in the 1920?s by Hans Riegel Sr. when he started the Haribo company. The company also makes all Trolli brands of gummy candy, like the popular Gummi worms. Although there are a couple of customs and traditions that turns out to be foreign rather than American in origin, there is one particular thing that is American in origin and is loved not only by Germans and Americans alike, but has become a favorite among people worldwide. The game of poker has long been considered as America’s favorite card game. Poker is believed to have originated in the United States, and in recent years has been widely accepted by a majority of players worldwide. This can be attributed to the introduction of online poker, which turned the game into a spectator sport. Among the leaders when it comes to online gaming is Partypoker enjoys a huge player base and a proven track record in online gaming. They offer the best online poker experience and they also provide many tournaments for online players. So, poker is one thing that Americans can lay claim to being truly local. To cap of my list, what could be more American than the perfect “All-American” picnic and the ingredients that make up of it? There is the hotdog, or a Frankfurter, that finds its origins in 13th century Germany. And then, we have the condiments like Ketchup, which was developed by Heinz, and Mayonnaise, developed by Hellman, both German immigrants. It only shows that there are things in our everyday lives today that are products of different cultures that helped shaped America into the proud and beautiful country that we know of today.

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